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Dog Jewel Inflatable Shaker

Dog Jewel Inflatable Shaker

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Includes x1 Magical Jewel to become a full demon 100% guaranteed! (Not to be sold as individual shards!)

    Jewel kits are approx 7cm high x 5cm wide and are filled with air, pink star sequins and x1 acrylic pieces! Features lilac clasp keyring. The amount of air in each varies since they are filled by hand.

    Disclaimer- Please note these things are fragile, we advise they are to be used as a decorative item to be treated carefully- They are not a toy and are not suitable for children. They're filled with air so don't go squeezing them too hard or they may pop (trust me i've done it!). Items like keys may tear or scratch your charm so be mindful where you put it.
    Postal service may not be kind to your charm, if you are unlucky and receive a completely deflated one let us know, we cannot replace charms that are damaged used to misuse however.

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