Jewellery Care & allergies

Care and allergies -  Jewellery

  • 925 silver is made up of other metals mixed in (usually copper, which is hypoallergenic, or nickle, which is not). My manufacturer has advised that generally they don't use nickle, but hasn't ruled it out completely so please bare this in mind if you have allergies.
  • Please note jewellery is delicate and should be worn with care. Anything rubbing up and scraping against the jewellery can cause scratches. 
  • Silver is a soft metal, please take care to not bend the jewellery items too much, in particular the earring posts and the lower portion of the earring. These can and will snap if you are not careful!
  • Stainless steel is a stronger material but can be trickier to cast jewellery with. Due to its nature it may have imperfections which reflects the lower price point. For Kazuha, an item worn on the wrist with a large surface area, scratches are to be expected through wear.
  • These pieces are plated and so they will tarnish over time. Tarnishing is caused by oxygen and moisture getting to the jewellery. It is best to store your items so they are air sealed to delay this process.  I recommend the box they came in or pouch. Please note the pouch is to prevent tarnishing/dust only. Do not use it to transport the earrings, it will not protect them from breakages.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals/lotions/perfume etc and avoid wearing while swimming/ in the shower. 
  • Jewellery should be regularly cleaned (there are many guides online on how to do this, but for plated items make sure it is very gentle such as soap and water). You can also seek a professional for advice on how best to care for your items.

Due to hygiene reasons, these items can not be returned.

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